Model the human language faculty
Develop Artificial Intelligence systems
Generate actionable content


Our technology simulates higher human cognitive functions to compute the interpretation of linguistic expressions.

We generate content from human language expressions using universal principles.

  • Structure dependence
  • Compositionality
  • Interface legibility

We create value by recovering meaningful relations specific to objects of inquiry.

  • Space
  • Time
  • Quantity
  • Modality
  • Intent
  • Evaluation

Generative Mind goes beyond pattern matching of designated named entities. The technology uncovers and makes use of the underlying syntax and semantics of human language expressions. It provides analytical content to implicit arguments, attitudes, tense, aspect, point of view, conditionals, as well as discourse relations.


Recovery of overt and covert information. The capacity to generate content that is inferred, but not explicitly stated.

Full sentential constituent mapping. Leveraging all natural language elements and their relations.

Universal engine customized to domains of interpretation. Modular Natural Language Processing architecture that does not rely on training.


Generative Mind transforms fundamental and experimental research on the human language faculty into Artificial Intelligence products for enterprise needs. We provide a platform to build Natural Language Processing solutions that go beyond current practices. Namely, we target the development of Artificial Intelligence products that analyze and generate the different dimensions of content from unstructured texts, be they micro-blogs, newspaper articles, or full texts.

Generative Mind generates more than information; it generates insightful information content.


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