Model the human language faculty
Develop Artificial Intelligence systems
Generate actionable content signals


Generative Mind transforms fundamental and experimental research on the human language faculty into a new generation of Artificial Intelligence products for enterprise needs.

Deploy Natural Language Processing solutions that require no training and do not operate in a black box.

Create Artificial Intelligence products that analyze and generate the different dimensions of content found in unstructured text.

Today, Generative Mind uses social media messages to forecast risk and market price movement.


Generative Mind simulates higher human cognitive functions to compute the interpretation of linguistic expressions.

Leverage universal principles, such as structure dependence and compositionality, to quantify the meaning of language expressions in real time.

Deliver value by generating actionable content signals.

  • Use social media sentiment to predict asset price movement
  • Determine the intent of an audience segment to identify new opportunities

Generative Mind goes beyond pattern matching. The technology uncovers and makes use of the syntax and semantics of human language expressions.


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